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Research Areas

SMARTIlab research focuses on engineering the sustainability on each of the phases of the life cycle of road infrastructures:

Pavement materials and technologies

  • Mixing rheometry and rheological characterisation of highly heterogeneous bituminous binders
  • Design and characterisation of bio-based materials
  • Design and characterisation of  conventional and innovative bituminous mixtures and evaluation of their mechanical behavior
  • Technologies and best practices for the development of more sustainable materials and pavements
  • Re-using of secondary raw materials (such as RAP, plastic materials, end of life tires, etc.)
  • Materials and technologies life cycle analysis (LCA, LCC, S-LCA, PEF, EPD etc.)

Pavement construction

  • Support for in-plant production of road materials
  • Materials quality control during construction
  • Pavement management

  • Development of monitoring systems for road infrastructures and support for sustainable management.
  • Sustainability Assessment and Life Cycle Management of road pavements (including economic and social indicators);
  • Pavement end of life

  • Recyclability of road materials
  • Circular pavements
  • Smart road and infrastructures of the future

  • Multi-disciplinary study of new technologies for Smart Roads and the engineering of new scenarios for the mobility of the future
  • Road infrastructures engineering to facilitate the new connected, cooperative and automated mobility (CCAM)
  • Our Vision

    Engineering has no better choice that investing in its sustainable development embracing innovation and new technologies to support healthy society and respecting the environment.

    Our vision is built to conceive the transport infrastructures of the future SMARTI: “Sustainable Multi-functional Automated Resilient Transport Infrastructures

    SMARTIlab Team

    Founded in 2021, the Sustainable Multi-functional Automated Resilient Transport Infrastructures laboratory (SMARTIlab), is a research group within the Civil Engineerig department at the University of Palermo (UNIPA). Our mission is to address the upcoming challenges of asphalt pavements by providing innovative solutions to guarantee a smoother transition to a more sustainable society.

    The SMARTIlab group has a multidisciplinary background including civil, mechanical, chemical and electrical engineers. The current team includes one professor, one research fellows and three PhD students working on a variety of research projects with a number of industrial partners.

    Dr Davide Lo Presti

    Associate Professor
    Department of Engineering

    Head of SMARTIlab UNIPA, academic and International Research Project Coordinator investigating new solutions for the development of Sustainable Multifunctional Automated and Resilient transport infrastructures. 

    Dr Gaspare Giancontieri

    Research Fellow
    Department of Engineering

    PhD in Civil Engineering at the Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre (NTEC). Dr Giancontieri is a research fellow at SMARTIlab UNIPA, involved in national and international research projects, his topic focus on emerging asphalt materials and technologies.

    Gabriella Buttitta

    PhD Student
    Department of Engineering

    Enrolled as PhD Student at University of Palermo.  Miss Buttitta research focuses on the evaluation of Road Pavements Sustainability on the basis of Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) techniques and implementing sustainability assessment in BIM.

    Usman Ghani

    PhD Student
    Department of Engineering

    MSc in Civil Engineering from Pakistan, with six years of post graduate acadamic experience. Currently enrolled as a PhD student at SMARTIlab UNIPA focusing on LIVE LABS development for the automation of Road and airport pavements



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    SMARTIlab members collaborate with the following associations and partners

    Contact us

    Davide Lo Presti, SMARTIlab Head

    Associate Professor University of Palermo (IT)
    skype: davidelop